TEST Post – Merry Christmas

Apologies if you get this as a notification or a tweet. I am testing a new tool which allows me to write posts offline, then publish them later. From my MacBook.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy “Wordpress app” for MacOS and I find it better to manage my content from a laptop rather than a tablet.

I testing Blogo and joined their BETA. Why? Because I think this tool might increase my productivity, bring you more articles and overall helps me to share more content with you in 2015.

Despite not really working on tidWOWs at the moment, yet there is lots of thinking going on.

We hope you have a great Christmas with your loved ones and a Happy New Year.

Watch this Space for 2015! It is going to be awesome.


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    Goal Setting

    I don’t know how often I have written about Goal Setting in my life! The reason I bring it up, just before the Christmas break, is for you to have a bit of a guideline to look at what you want to achieve in 2015.

    What do you want to achieve by end of 2015?

    Find the girl/boy-friend of your life, get married, propose, have children, move in together, apply for that better job, start a new career, go on a world trip, tidy the car, get a dog….there are endless of possible goals out there, depending on your lifestyle, your stage in life and money of course.

    If there is a dream, there is reality! Or as Disney said:

    You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.
    Most coaching starts on three pillars.

    1) Beliefs – challenge your limiting beliefs and reinforce supportive/positive ones!
    2) Values – know your values and live them.
    3) Goals – what do you want to achieve and how do you want to achieve it?

    The belief system is something, similar to the values, I am discussing this on an ongoing basis here and we should probably shed some more light on that sooner rather than later. It is important for you to understand what your values are. What underlying belief systems influence your decisions? This will help you to carve out a proper path in life that is in line with your inner self and the influence you are strongest exposed to; most values and beliefs have been formed by your parents, family and upbringing.

    By challenging those and discussing them with a coach, you can free locked up energy and focus on things that are important in life and get you to move forward. To let go of the past. To live in the moment and focus on your progress.

    Some People say that goals are dreams with legs – they go somewhere. Or, you can put it differently, if you are dreaming to achieve something, then you can support this dream with actions and turn this dream into a reality, a goal. This goal becomes achievable when you are putting your efforts and beliefs behind it. And you are more likely to actually achieve it if there is a deadline to it. By end of 2015, I will……

    Now imagine you are at the end of 2015 and you think back what you have achieved. It is like you wanting to cross a river, you can either think of building a bridge or you can imagine that you already crossed the river and look at the problem from the other side. You might discover a new way across, something you cannot see from your current perspective.

    So how did it happen that you lost 10 kilos in 2015?

    Set yourself positive goals, and maybe some stepping stones for bigger goals. So that could be to start eating healthier, or going to the gym, start running. To achieve that you might have to set up a gym membership or sign up for a 5K run, go to the gym 3 times a week etc. Whatever helps you to motivate the achievement you are visualising by the set date.

    I believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, as long as you don’t get too obsessed with your goal, nor think it is never going to work. You have to believe in your goal and that you can achieve it. Losing weight, meeting someone special, writing that book. You have to put actions behind it and positively reinforce them. For some goals it is easier to do them with your partner or a coach.

    Move towards a positive goal rather than away from something negative. You don’t want to loose weight, as you focus on the weight. Focus on the healthy aspect and formulate your goal “I want to be fit and healthy”.

    Also, be specific about your goals. That means it has to be measurable and reward yourself by achieving part of the goal.

    Important is that goals are in line with your beliefs and values.


    So what do you achieve in 2015?


    Please use the comment box below to let me know!


    tidWOWs wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are taking a break and will be back January 7th, 2015!


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    Personal Thoughts

    This week, two weeks out from Christmas, I wanted to write a bit more about me. As everyone else, winter blues gets to me. That paired with a busy work schedule, you are finding yourself on this roller coaster ride. The thing that helps me best to get over it, is my 5 am start.

    Lots of people ask me why I enjoy the 5 am start. It could be 6 am as far as I am concerned but it is down to my schedule. A few years ago we decided to move to the countryside, which means I am commuting up to 90 minutes door to door each way. These are three hours of ‘me-time‘ every day. I enjoy the time and write posts like this or others. I catch up on reading, emails or just chill out and watch (catch up) TV. There are lots of things you can do, and some days I can work from home.

    It was a deliberate choice to move to a quieter part of the country, better schools for the boys and more lifetime value for the family. A bigger house, a bigger garden, cycling, walks, the beach….and the list goes on. In return I commute longer and sometimes get stuck on the train journey too. In order to exercise and keep my weight off, yes I used to have a lot more, I exercise and need to get moving. So I build myself a little gym in the garage in order to be able to train regardless the weather.

    The best time to do that is in the morning, as when I get home at night I am too tired. So my alarm goes off at 5 am, I am on the treadmill for 530 and have my exercise done the moment I leave the house. To easily get up at 5 am you must make it a routine, e.g. I get up every day at 5 am. On days that I don’t exercise I get lots of work done. That is nice.

    The days I exercise I am on top of the world. Like the other day. I swing on my newish bright pink shirt, flash shoes and jacket to bump into a friend at the station. We joked for a bit and both went on to their individual carriages to continue the journey. My 9 am meeting was flying and the conference where I was moderating was amazing. I was on the top of the world. In full swing. Nothing could have stopped me that day.

    The way you start your day determines how well you live your day. Robin Sharma

    The night before on the other hand I was down. Tired, exhausted and full of thoughts. This’s isn’t due to lack of confidence but because I am overly socially and emotionally aware. Most people don’t know that I wrote a research paper about emotional intelligence (EI) a while back. All a management fad?

    Sometimes life is all about what you want to portrait. If you grew up and have this picture in your head that you are suntanned, drive a yellow Porsche and have lots of money and if that picture is the one that makes you successful, so will be it. Because when you grew up the station wagon with your two kids, dog and cat just didn’t cut the cheese. That is normal.

    Yet you might want to change your perception. Maybe you never going to buy that yellow Porsche, even if you could afford it, but instead invest in your kids’ education. You might never feel you achieved anything because that feeling has been associated with that car. Reframe, remodel and build a more realistic picture to aspire towards what you want to achieve. There is so much more than money to live for.

    We as humans have the tendency to not see where we are in life and what we have achieved. Whenever it is time for Christmas, I try to unwind internally, I take stock. I look deep inside me to make sure I am happy, I am content with what I have. I want to make sure that adding a Porsche to my driveway is only done for pure pleasure not because I need it to be happier. And that is when I wonder if I ever will get one, or mind you be able to afford one.

    Hence I encourage you this week to do the same, take stock and make sure you are happy on the inside. Make sure you don’t chase the wrong dream or associate it with the wrong picture. If you do, I am happy to help you changing it.

    Do a reality check, go for a 30 min walk to explore what’s happening deep inside you. The answers are there. You just have to ask the right questions.

    Enjoy exploring.

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