Communication – Productivity of Life (1/4)

Today I want to start sharing my next book chapter from my book “Productivity of Life” which I published in 2013. I cannot believe it has been 2 years already that I have collected some initial ideas and made them available as a book. Since then I continued to collect more and more ideas and I am close to starting to draft my next book. Writing a book is an exciting experience and a great learning curve. The challenge is time for more and extensive research.

The next book will be more around own theories and new methods, summarising the best of the best and adding my experience on top. Given commitments to my day job and family, I cannot give you a date or a time yet of publication but I would hope to do so in the next couple of years, e.g. by end of 2016. We shall see.

Communication is one of the key management principles. To cover this completely in a book chapter or a few blog posts is unreal. It is too complex, yet needs to be addressed in order to look at the overall picture of productivity. If I say management, this is key to any human relationship really. A company that does not communicate loses its employees. A husband/wife that that does not communicate to his/her partner jeopardises a marriage. A student or teacher not communicating leads to frustration and anger. The list could go on and on. Anything we do, any interaction we have, verbally or non-verbally, is communication. The raised eyebrows over the person on the train is as much a form of communication as the chat with the sales person or the neighbour. It leads to positioning oneself and expressing one’s thoughts. Communication is what we do on a daily, permanent basis.

I have been an open communicator all my life. And this is not down to not being shy and to network, this is solely down to me wanting to let people know what’s going on in my head and my life. Sometimes this is too much for some. One of my outlets is the book I wrote or this blog I am writing or my personal blog. It doesn’t matter how you communicate: find your own way and style.

In business it is not always easy to communicate openly. There are some shared and some non-shared information. Some confidential information and some things that are going on behind closed doors. I once had a job where I worked in a satellite office and my boss only communicated via instant messenger. No direct answers, just a few words on a screen. Then at another job, again in a satellite office situation, I was forced to use the phone or video chat. That worked well as we actually always talked to counterparts in other offices. This is a very important thing we did to communicate culture, discuss problems and exchanged information. Having said that, once this practice was not there any longer, we started seeing communication breakdown and miscommunication. If a boss stops understanding and does not take the time to understand what is going on in any office, satellite or not, you need to get her attention in order for it not to come to a communication breakdown. Emails or text messages, any form of writing, can be misinterpreted and might take time and resources to be clarified if misunderstood. Hence the “picking up the phone” should be an instant reflex when communicating internally. Ideally, in this day and age, via video to make sure one get the other person’s full attention (and vice versa).

Next week I want to focus more on the international side of things, language and cultural barriers. Particularly if we look across Europe with 10+ languages, me being native German, different cultures and so on, that is a very important topic. Whether that is for any manager or for a company that wants to set up, expand or explore.

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GTD and the natural planning cycle

If you have read this blog carefully and you have watched the video, you must realise a pattern for success:

– Know what you want and have a vision
– Collect ideas
– Take action and direction

Success is simple if planned – and plan-able.

Watch this space for more stepping stones to your success!

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A word on Emotional Intelligence and a video

Last week we had a video on goal setting and this week I wanted to share some thoughts on EI or Emotional Intelligence. The latest buzzword is around SI: Social Intelligence.

So what is that all about?

I wrote a thesis for my MBA over 10 years ago on the subject of Emotional Intelligence. My conclusion is that it is common sense to be emotional (or now social) intelligent, be aware of your group, peers, co-workers, their feelings and of course to be happy and caring as a manager. Of course it makes sense to train managers to be consciously aware of how to handle change, communicate with team members and lead from the front without being an a**hole. But come on, this isn’t rocket science to be honest?

Maybe it is a bit of a fad to look at EI and SI. Yet, as part of productivity, being a good leader and becoming a better member of society, I think we should definitely include a discussion in this blog. The following video shows some nice cases where EI trained people increased their output/productivity significantly. And, EI trained managers have less staff turnover.

I believe EI is common sense if you want to be a great leader.

What do you think?

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Is there a problem with goal setting?

I found this video discussing whether there is a problem with goal setting?

Planning will help you to achieve your goals. But what if you achieve what you dreamed of? How do you move on and up from there?

What if you look at happiness as a currency instead, and think about that you can enjoy every single step of your career, or your achievement as a success? What if you then loose the desire to set goals?

Please watch this short of 3 minute video and let me know your thoughts?

Should we stop being so ambitious and just enjoy every minute of the journey? Or can we have both?

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