GTD 101….Asian Efficiency

The guys over at Asian Efficiency do an amazing job. They also write some great blogposts and I listen to their podcasts religiously.

Now, a while back, they published a post on the GTD 101. So no credit for me.

A good post to share before my sabbatical later this month.

Thanks guys, you doing an amazing job!

Enjoy – might be a good things to subscribe to their podcast today and get their newsletters and follow them etc. They are awesome!

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The Power of Whiteboard Sessions (in Sales)

We all remember the blackboards from school. The visualisation of content in front of you in order to show how it is done. In Math or Physics, or Biology and so on. Also, however we used to get content written in front of us, graphs drawn on overhead projectors on e.g. how Hannibal moved through the Alps or something like that. Any subject utilised the blackboard or power of visualisation.

Nowadays we use flip-charts or whiteboards. I am a big fan of whiteboards, as I like to visualise what I am doing, what we are doing as a company or team, how we can segregate things, split things up or bring things together. A circle, a graph and a classic multicolour picture leads to an amazing picture people understand. After all, 65% of people are visual learners according to Neil Fleming. Hence infographics make a lot more sense to people other than only numbers or written content.

The most common use of whiteboards is for brainstorming. And, in all honesty, that is when I first used a whiteboard, making sure to capture anything visual that came to my mind or the group’s mind.

I believe when you put your ideas visually in a bigger graphic than a paper, you start thinking about how to arrange those thoughts and ideas. You can erase ideas, add to it, use colours, scribble in between things or connect things. It is a mind map yet a fluid one, visual one in big letters. If you are on the road a lot you can use Evernote’s Penultimate, yet I am not the biggest fan, despite having a stylus with it.


Back to the whiteboard session. You want to point out a few tips I found useful:

– You don’t have to be neat, the main thing is that you get the message across

– Don’t overdo the visual graphics and symbols, keep it simple

– Talk to someone whilst drawing up things, it helps your mind think

– If presenting to a team/client, get their input, get them involved


Since I titled this post about “sales”, yet any whiteboard session is successful no matter what you work on, there is something about a sales presentation on a whiteboard. The secret is that you do not use a powerpoint. You are not like the 99% of sales people out there, running through a deck, explaining how great the company is.

When whiteboarding in a sales presentation you show confidence, and you show that you know what you are talking about without any help. You visualise and make the customer understand what they are buying and how your product adds value to their value chain.

If the client wants, they can take a picture afterwards, or you do, and you add it to your presentation or follow up email with the powerpoint. Then you re-iterating what you have done.

Also, the client can contribute as you go along and the two of you can figure out new ways of cooperation and how you can work together. Essentially you are not selling but helping your client to brainstorm ideas for how to use your product. The moment of engagement is the moment you start selling, or you already are a huge step closer to closing that deal.

Try it today. Be confident, bold and practise.

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Working With The End In Mind – Stepping Stones And Goal Setting (6/6)

On to the last post of the chapter. Are you enjoying it so far?

To master life you need to transfer some of those theories into your life, away from work. Managing your partner’s expectations and your time without kids to get some work done on the weekend, to manage schedules for kids’ activities and family time. This might sound silly but I believe it works.

Often people like to live their own way and in their own schedule and need to put simple things like time with the kids in their diary. I have to that too, in order to know that for instance this weekend I cannot work on my book but will spend all my time with the children. However, if I needed to finish a chapter or article, I would ask my wife to look after the kids for an hour so I can work on it. Or I work before they get up or after they have gone to bed.

You soon, if you haven’t yet, find out that life management is like a project management with a common goal: death. This is not to sound harsh but we all know the ending of life. Manage your life like a project, maybe with bigger stepping stones. Having paid off the mortgage by the time you are 60, retire by 70 and in between getting married, having kids, buy a house and so on. Two or three years, given you live to be 90, is a fraction of your life, 3% to be precise. And don’t forget your pension.

The key to constantly progressing, and that is if you like to do that instead of having the same job on a continuous basis, is to invest in yourself. 5% they say of your annual salary or time is what you should commit to developing yourself. If that is getting a coach or reading books, visiting a seminar or conference, or to just have a meditation holiday is up to you. You decide.

Another important factor is that life is worth nothing without your health. Keep fit. Only in a healthy body lives a healthy soul. Keeping your energy levels up by having more energy than others, being fit and able, healthy and strong, will make you have more energy. Enjoy exercising and involve others, e.g. your children, to get fit too.

In terms of life life balance, I guess I have been talking enough about that a lot. Make sure you separate the two and have undisturbed time with your family. Put your phone away, put it on silent or just turn it off. Enjoy the quality time with your family and turn it back on. If you were in church you would turn it off, so why not at home?

Distraction is a major factor in life today. As previously mentioned we have an information overflow. Every day I skip through my RSS feed reader and wonder if I could live without it. What happens if you were to quit Facebook?

Last but not least, to conclude, in order to begin with the end in mind there is one little trick: visualise. Whether you blow up a picture in your mind of the car you want to own or if you print out the picture of the house you would like to live in and put it on your wall. Research has shown that if you visualise and remind yourself of a picture you are more likely to achieve it. Success, a big house, a car, money. Or is it happiness, work free time and time with the family. Life is not all about money but of course money helps 😉

Again this is down to personal preference on how you like to live your life. What is your plan in life? What action have you taken towards achieving it?

Some people enjoy to work hard, have a career, have a fancy car, living in luxury and have no family whilst others do not like working, have less money but put all their focus on the family. And of course there are millions of variations in between. Latest research suggests that only one in five couples have a stay at home partner (usually the mum) whilst often both partners work. It is down to lifestyle choices, goals you have in life for both yourself and your family. Trying to balance that and make sure you and your partner are happy is key to the overall well being of yourself.

It all comes back to sitting down and deciding what you want to achieve in life and why.

Your life plan.

Your vision.

Once that is done, you can decide on the how. And I am sure you figure it out. Your whole life you will be wondering why you did one thing over another and one decision versus another but in the end you hopefully look back at your life and decide that what you did was right and it was right decision at the time.

I guess that is what it is all about.

Hopefully my suggestions, tools and ideas help you to continue achieving it.

You need help? Contact me and I help you achieving your goals in life, setting your own vision and take a massive action towards achieving your success. However you define it.

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