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tidWOWs stands for “Things I did Whilst Others Were Sleeping”

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I came up with the idea for tidWOWs in early 2014 as an extension of my book about Productivity: Productivity Of Life.

The idea is to make the book and additional content available in the public domain: this blog. From here I like to gain more input and develop the producitivity principles in order to offer more products and services around them in the future.

For any questions, please feel free to EMAIL me.

Who am I? Who is Volker Ballueder?


German born Volker has had an interest in personal development for more than 20 years. With an MBA and Engineering Degree plus a Master Practitioner in NLP and DBM plus self taught around a lot of psychology and personal development theories and principles, Volker is an well rounded talent. He coaches and helps people to develop and achieve a meaningful life.

Volker is passionate about digital media and new technologies where he spends most time as his day job. But in his time outside work he likes to be with his family and constantly challenges himself to higher productivity and achievement. This includes researching topics, publishing articles, listening to podcasts and developing own theories.

Feel free to contact me for a non obligatory quote to help you or your team to develop a better productivity at work or a better life outside work.

Spellings of his name are:

Volker Ballueder
Volker Ballüder
Volker Balluder

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