Spiritual Balance (1 of 4)

This chapter of my book becomes more important as we mature with our research in terms of underlying principles of productivity. So to publish this, it is an in depth discussion on one of the pillars of productivity. How you achieve spiritual balance though, either via religion or any other spiritual practise, is entirely up to you.

As discussed previously, the term work life balance has long been used for people to separate work and life. However, more and more people working longer hours. Hence experts in that topic realised that the term should be changed to life life balance, as you actually balancing two parts of your life. And work seems to be the bigger one in terms of waking hours and security, e.g. money. Also, the boundaries, with always connected mobile devices, are blurred.

However, I believe in order to balance your work, life, yourself, partner, family, etc. you need to have a very holistic approach. There might be individuals that just go to work, 9-5, and then head home to their TV or hobby and do that every day. These people are probably not reading my work either.

But to life there is more than just work. I am a believer to make work part of life and fulfilment as otherwise I waste about 40-60 hours each week to progress with my personal development, and ultimately life fulfilment. That would be a shame.

Maslow’s well known hierarchy of needs talks about 5 stages:

– Physical needs: food, drink, sex

– Safety: family, income, employment

– Love/connectedness: belonging to a group, being married/partner

– Esteem: self-esteem, confidence, respected by others

– Self-actualisation: being worthwhile, achieving what someone wants

If we look at most people’s situation, we are looking at someone that is in employment, has enough food to sustain oneself, either is part of a group or is married and is confident about what she does, and gets respected by others. Latter might be something that is not the case and if so, I suggest getting a coach or good friend to help you to improve your self esteem. You are worth it and sometimes it is just a matter of pulling a few levers, changing a few things on your attitude to realise the impact you have on others and for others to acknowledge the positive impact you have on them.

So from my point of view, if you have a job and a social life outside Facebook, you are in a good state to find fulfilment of the first four stages. Now you could argue that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a bit old, having been established in 1943. I would agree somewhat but for illustration purpose I believe it is still very much relevant. On top of the pyramid sits the purpose and self actualisation. Spiritual Awareness in my eyes. Like the Eye of Providence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_Providence) on the Freemason’s pyramid, but I do not want to drift too far.

For me spiritual awareness is not about a religion per se but about you finding yourself via spiritual means. Finding a purpose beyond earning money and feeding a family. A purpose that is only yours. Your personal reason for life, answering the very one question of “Why am I here on Earth and do the things I want?”. I will not be able to supply you with those answers here and I believe for everyone there is a different reason for being here. Life is about finding those answers that dwell deep inside yourself.

Life is about finding your own purpose, answering your why, and one of the pillars leading to it is spiritual balance.

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