Spiritual Balance (2 of 4)

From last week we defined that spiritual balance is one pillar of productivity leading you to higher purpose, or giving you a higher purpose in general. This is key to understanding, balancing your life and being able to have a spiritual balance, is life changing – life enhancing.

A common question is about what influence did your family, in particular your mother/father, have on your decisions in life. Did you respect your father as a person and see him as a mentor? Did he beat you as a child and was he an alcoholic beating up your mother?  Was he a great, caring dad and home a lot, be there for you after school?

Answers to those questions can give you a great insight why you are motivated one way or another. You are going deep inside you to identify what drives you on. Finding those answers, identifying those unconscious drivers in a most non analytical way is key to finding your inner purpose and motivation. And some could be a lot more positive!

I am personally of the opinion to not worry about every little detail here. For me I believe that I failed a lot of times in life because I did things for others who I thought had a certain expectation of me. This was for example my parents expecting me to go to university and do a recognised degree. But I failed that and only when I chose to go to the school I chose with the right environment and started doing things for myself, I realised I was not failing anymore. For me it was not about intellect but about attitude and inner support. If you do not believe you can swim, you will ultimately drown! No matter how hard you try, there needs to be a force that pulls you to want to, having “swimming” as a purposeful goal.

Nevertheless, I also believe that things are happening for a reason and are predetermined. Failure just helps you to get off the ground and look at things differently, makes you stronger and in the long run succeed even more. It can lead to total failure but that is down to you. You are the master of your thoughts, your attitude and your mind. However, failure helps to succeed, if you learn from your mistakes.

Building a positive belief system is key. Being able to project yourself into a given situation and being both confident and analytical at the same time, analysing both your outcome and the impact that situation has on you and others is key. Then wanting to grow your impact and grow your inner peace by increasing your footprint on the outside, your influence, will make you a better person. This is of course based on the assumption of you having positive things in mind.

How does spirituality fit in? Old wisdoms from any religion have suggested exactly that. Finding the inner attitude and spirit before riding into battle in the name of God. The prayer for you and others gave you the focus and activated positive energy towards people – and still does. Thinking of people in a positive way causes them to do better and if you are a believer of yourself you can climb the highest mountain.

Spirituality for me is about self awareness, inner peace and self analytics on a deep down level. Asking the universe to send you the right thought or job or person that comes into your life and can help you to just adjust a bit of direction for you to do better. Or the person that is sent to give you a greater challenge and you having to cope more than you normally would have to. To challenge you. To make you grow.

So to summarise week two, we are looking at a pillar that gives you strength and allows you to find purpose in what you do. Giving you energy and will power to succeed in what you want to achieve.

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