Spiritual Balance (3 of 4)

We came a long way. Accepting those challenges and being open for the universal signs of spiritual development is important.

As I believe only with a complete unity and fulfilment of all of Maslow’s levels, you will be able to be a happier and more complete person. Finding sanctuary in meditation, dwelling on problems and then letting go and asking the spirits and energy for solutions, will make you a more content person.

However, it is not only about the analytical way of seeing it but about the spiritual path and inner acceptance of things and letting go of your analytical mind. Let the mind flow and believe, in yourself and your destiny, from deep within.

I believe that the purpose of you in life is a lot bigger than you could imagine. The inner satisfaction and growth you get by looking beyond the first four stages of Maslow’s pyramid and going beyond will make you a more rounded person with more energy to give to others. It will result in a bigger and better you in all aspects of life. It takes awhile to develop though; do not expect anything over night!

I read a lot of Buddhist books, including Eight Steps to Happiness (Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang (2000), Eight Steps to Happiness, The Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness, Tharpa Publications). The challenge of reading a lot about a philosophy or religion is that you can have the most profound knowledge but it is down to the application of theories, practising meditation for instance.

Within the eight steps, there is one called ‘learning to cherish others’ which I see as a basic principle of mankind. We should cherish all other human and living beings and be happy for them. That might sound difficult when you just lost your job to someone else or did not get the position, but you should be happy for the person as I believe things meant to be. So if someone else wins a race against you then this is because for whatever reasons the universe decided that this person should win, most probably because s/he was better in something or for you to learn a certain lesson. You should be grateful for that person being able to win and be so good in what they do.

The law of attraction would suggest that if you are happy for them, you will attract happiness into your life. The same is true for love. The way we love a child or a partner or a close family member, we should love all human beings and share our love with them. would not it be nice for us all to share the love with everyone else? It sounds Bohemian or Hippie like but that is how the world comes together by sharing the love and cherishing each other. It is about letting go of ourselves and our self-concern. The universe is not made to circle around us. We are part of it. We are part of the universal love.

Imagine the universe as an energy system. Any negative energy you send out will be balanced with a negative energy same or greater as yours. Same with positive one. The more you send out, the more you receive. The forces in each system are equal.

As part of our spiritual development we should think of walking in someone else’s shoes. We need to understand other humans’ point of view and work towards exchanging ourselves with them and their situation. By doing so and cherishing love, putting others on the priority list above ourselves, we will learn to live a happier and more fulfilled life, attracting more and more love from others too. It is really a win/win situation.

Try it this week, walk in someone else’s shoes this week and see how you got on.

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